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Aries Love Horoscope

Aquarius Horoscope - Aquarius Daily Horoscope by. Aquarius daily finance horoscope - 8 September Aquarius Daily Horoscope for June Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope. Daily love horoscope for aquarius man. Aquarius Horoscope Tomorrow Love. Nov 28, Break-up came at the worst time - Aquarius Daily. This influence can serve to pull you out of an introspective phase and into a more outgoing, active, spontaneous cycle.

Over the coming year, there can be new opportunities to learn, publish, communicate, promote, and travel. The North Node's transit of your solar fourth house begins around the same time and will extend until May This means you need to pour more energy into home life, family, downtime, comfort needs, security, and safety. This way, your life feels more complete and whole, and you can bring back a more rested, balanced self to your work, goals, and obligations.

It can also be an especially rewarding period for building and developing your home and family life. You still need to work on your career and goals quite diligently, but it's vital to carve out some time to attend to your emotional life as you do. Venus has moved back into your relationship sector. While Venus will stay in this sector until early December, it remains retrograde only until the 16th. There is a focus on whether or not you're receiving satisfaction from and harmony with a partner or a close relationship. Or, there can be a feeling of emotional distancing or limbo during this period of review, after which you can start to put all of the pieces together and feel more confident about making changes.

Some of the new discoveries you've made about your own relationship needs and values are likely to affect decisions made now. Nevertheless, Mercury turns retrograde on the same day that Venus ends its retrograde cycle, so the pace should remain relatively slow. Reinforcing this is Mars' move into your privacy sector on the 15th, where it will stay until the last day of the year. You'll begin with Mars freshly in your sign, and it will truly feel like a new beginning for you.

Aries Weekly Tarot November 28, 2016

For now, however, it makes sense to strategize, rest, reflect, and tie up loose ends. This may not always be easy to do, especially with Uranus moving back into your sign for a few months to complete its transit, riling you up. Helping you decide which elements of your life need to end or go on a shelf is Neptune's direct turn on the 24th, however. Pay special attention to activities that help you unwind and decompress now for best results, but do make some room for freeform activities that feed your spirit and satisfy your itch to learn and discover. Until November 22nd: The Sun continues to highlight your solar eighth house.

Your attention turns inward, as well as to close personal relationships on a deeper level. Personal transformations, personal power, and intimate matters fulfill you most during this cycle. There may be a strong focus on other's money, such as the resources of a partner, inheritance, banking and loans, or taxes. You are more intense in your mood and disposition, and perhaps even secretive, at this time of year.

You are more in touch with the deeper and even primal elements of your own personality, and more able to see these things in others. This can be a determined and personally powerful time of year if you apply the energy of this transit constructively. From November 22nd forward: This month, with the Sun spotlighting your solar ninth house, your focus turns outward, away from the more personal concerns that have occupied your thoughts in the last months.

More than any other time during the year, you are feeling most adventurous and willing to take a leap of faith. Anything that broadens your experiences attracts now. A lack of superficiality finds you straight to the point, interested in the truth of things.

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It would be wise for you to consider scheduling a vacation, adventure of sorts, or a course that expands your mind. These don't have to happen now, but taking the time to recognize your needs for escaping the daily grind, taking a few risks, and feeding your spirit for self-expression through some form of adventure or higher learning, will help you to feel good about yourself. The only caution with this cycle is that you could lose touch with managing everyday affairs and important details.

Daily Horoscopes: November 28, 2018

It is a period that most astrologers consider inopportune for getting married or starting a new relationship. Major financial undertakings are not advised during this period as well. Venus retrograde cycles are good times for creating budgets and financial plans, and for re-thinking our personal relationships. Old friends and lovers may re-appear, perhaps complicating current relationships.

We are called upon to deal with relationship issues from the past. Events occur that seem fated or predestined. It can be a real challenge getting close to a lover during this period of time. Unorthodox, experimental, and non-intimate relationships may be favored.

November 28 Zodiac

Relationships that have been especially challenging may come to an end during this cycle. However, strong relationships will survive it, even if there are a few bumps and bruises along the way. For singles, this is a good time for "eyes wide open" or experimental dating.

It is not a time when people recognize the need for another person to complete them, or some people may be questioning whether they are with partners who actually fulfill them. This period is good for re-evaluating our relationship needs; but, again, major love decisions are best saved for after the cycle ends.

This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in your seventh house of one-to-one partnerships. Misunderstandings with your partner now can be troublesome. If you need to talk through problems, do your best to be as non-judgmental as possible, and don't overreact to what your partner has to say either. A close partner could be distant emotionally, or a partnership can appear stalled for the time being - something is up in the air.

However, this is a good time to take a breather and to get in better touch with your feelings on a matter - you need this! As well, Venus rules your partnership and income sectors, and both of these things may come up for review during this retrograde cycle. This is a time for extra attention to a partner or significant other, as well as from that person! You are more inclined to flatter and charm others during this cycle. One-to-one relating appeals to you more than group activities or more casual connections. Smoothing out your close personal relationships is what makes you happy during this cycle.

If single, you are more willing than normal to enter into a committed relationship. In general, you are adaptable when it comes to your affections--very willing to compromise, negotiate, and make peace. Not content to focus on mundane, practical affairs just now, your mind turns to bigger visions, thoughts, and ideals. You are open to expanding your knowledge base during this cycle, and communications from or with someone far away may be part of the picture.

You are putting everything into perspective now, rather than compartmentalizing.

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September 22 to October 4 — Sun opposite your decan brings pressure from competitors or superiors who seem to make your life difficult on purpose. Step back from the situation that is causing difficulty and work out why you are getting these reactions. Think about what you are really trying to do, and if this is the best option. September 28 to October 28 — New Moon September brings love, enjoyment and good fortune. However, increased fun and romance could force adjustments in other areas of life, or restlessness and boredom may lead you to seek change and excitement in your social or love life.

October 2 to 21 — Mars opposite your decan brings resistance from others if you are too selfish or assertive. It may feel like others are standing in your way or opposing your will so choose your battles carefully.

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A compromise or tactical retreat might be best. Exercise and hard work can relieve tension but avoid overexertion and risk-taking. October 13 to 27 — Full Moon October brings some intense emotions but overall, this is a generous full moon with opportunities to transform, grow and find happiness. This is an especially good moon phase for partners who are going through rough times because it promotes love and reconciliation.

October 31 to November 10 — Venus trine your decan brings love, kindness, affection, gifts and compliments. Inner peace and harmonious relationships make this a good time to relax or take a vacation. Extra charm, beauty, and popularity make socializing enjoyable and dating more successful.

October 31 to November 20 — Mercury Retrograde can play havoc with your thoughts, communications, travels, and electronics. It should be relatively easy to resolve any communication mishaps because of a prevailing sense of cooperation and harmony. Aries horoscope October is based on planetary transits to Aries Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. May 20 to October 24 — Jupiter trine your decan brings good luck, confidence, hope, and generosity.

Born on November November 28th Horoscope: Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors, Birthstones, Tarot Card..

Your personal relationships can be enriched by your positive attitude and sociability. You could make money on investments and all sorts of financial deals. It turns any challenges from your difficult Saturn transit into opportunities. All year — Saturn square your decan can represent a forced turning point where you feel pressured and burdened.