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Given that you're half-water sign and half-fire sign, your emotions tend to ricochet between extremes. The tiniest thing can ruin your day if you let it, but when you're happy, it's contagious. People tend to describe you as "fun-loving," "happy-go-lucky," and "likeable," and you totally excel at first impressions.

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However, people don't always understand how emotional you are based on your first impression. While you're open about your feelings, it's not the very first thing you like to present. While your fiery Aries side fills you will intense passions, your pursuit of said passions often burns out quick. You have to feel accepted and admired pretty instantly if something — a relationship, a career field, etc. You tend to talk about how tough and sassy you are, but once someone gets mad at you, you immediately turn into a puppy with its tail between its legs.

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You go to excessive lengths to make others feel seen and heard when they're around you. You don't like to upset or offend anyone, even if that means telling little white lies every now and then. When everyone else zigs, you like to zag just to keep things exciting. But often times, you have to check yourself just to make sure you're not too far out of line. Just far enough to be a little different. Posted on March 17, , GMT. Syd Robinson.

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Comedy Central. Twitter: IllinoisLoyalty. Paramount Pictures. You sort of control both fire and water.

The Aquarius Pisces Cusp

Like, Korra, is that you?! Generally, when an Aquarian was born on the cusp of Pisces, they may be more compatible with the Sun signs that are compatible with Pisces, at least until they reach 25 to 30 and their Sun progresses into Aries see below.

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  4. The sign your Sun was in on the day of your birth does not change because you were born on a cusp of Aquarius. However, if you were born on a cusp the only way, you'll know for sure what sign your Sun is will be to calculate your timed birth chart.

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    Progressions are why the cusps are important. The progressed Sun is an extension of your birth Sun and shows how you mature and grow as a person. A day equals a year is shown in progressions; this means your progressed Sun moves forward one degree each year from the day of your birth. So, if you are born when the Sun was on the verge of entering the next sign, your progressed Sun very quickly moved into that sign.

    You would, from a very early age, begin combining the traits of that sign into your evolving personality.

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    6. It's easy to understand what a cusp is and how being born on either the Capricorn or Pisces cusp of Aquarius might affect a person. However, when you're born on a cusp, you're a paradoxical mix which makes it harder to know what the impact being born on a cusp will be. This would require an analysis of your entire birth chart by a competent astrologer who takes into consideration the positions of all the planets, their aspects, and influences, plus other important astrological elements as well as some of your history.