Personality Profile for People Born on October 26

Think big picture—you may be surprised at just how much happiness springs from the place you call home, Lions! Your ideas are flowing, and people are listening. Put yourself out there, and speak up, Virgo! If you have a job interview today, or in the next few days, expect it to exceed your expectations in the best way. Need an instant answer to a tough question?

19 Fun Birthday Facts About October 26, You Must Know

This Tarot deck has it. The only thing holding you back? The fact you say yes to everything! Remember, there are only 24 hours in a day. Pause for a sec before you agree to doing something—prioritizing, calendaring, and making a plan is essential for your success. Trust us, Scorpio, you got this! Learn about your animal sign with the wisdom of Chinese astrology. The sun and Jupiter are in your privacy sector. This is an awesome time to tune in and put yourself first. Think longterm—not just what will make you happy tonight, but what will make you happy a week, or even a year down the line?

If a blind date comes up—either a friend or a potential romantic prospect—say yes! Where is your love life headed? Get two valuable perspectives. Keep your momentum by sticking to a calendar—remember, small steps lead to huge life changes. You may find your life widening to include a much larger geographic reach than you may have ever anticipated.

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Ever think of moving abroad? Because it just may happen in the near future! Read your monthly horoscope. Want more spirituality, mysticism, and advice for bringing your spirit to the next level of awesome? Want more info to tap into the power of your zodiac sign today?

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  • In fact, they have quite a hypnotic power over others; people tend to do what they say or follow their example. They like to find something to like in everybody and in every situation, and their unfailing optimism is truly enlightening. One danger for people born on this day is a tendency to preach and rant, or be rigid or harsh in their opinions. They will often be unaware when they are showing this side of their personality, which is emphasized between the ages of twenty-four to fifty-four.

    During these years they should surround themselves with close friends or loved ones who can warn them when they are heading off track. Fortunately, they respond extremely well to constructive criticism, possessing the ability to change their ways.

    October 26 Zodiac is Scorpio - Full Horoscope Personality

    If someone reaches out to them emotionally and opens their heart, they will more often than not transform themselves into a more fully rounded human being. Often blessed with great wisdom, their ability to arouse and inspire others will help them achieve worldly success.

    Although they do enjoy social recognition, part of them feels more comfortable as an outsider looking in. They will sometimes feel an urge to be alone with their thoughts or to sacrifice themselves to a higher cause. Being wise souls, however, they will have also learned the importance of emotional connection with others, so when they do feel the need to withdraw it will not be to isolate themselves but simply to recharge before they take the next step forward.

    October 26 Birthday Horoscope

    People born on February 26 Zodiac tend to see love as a threat either to their enormous self-discipline or to their work, and as a result they may not allow others to get too close. This is a mistake, as they have a huge heart with so much love to give and they need to allow that love to express itself fully. Once they are able to open up, they make loyal, passionate and supportive partners.

    The optimism of these people tends to keep them in good health but if their need for love and closeness is denied they may find themselves seeking it in food, drugs or other addictions. Diet can be a real problem for them and they need to make sure they watch the amount of fat, sugar, cream, and refined foods they eat, otherwise their blood-sugar levels could go sky high, setting themselves up for future problems with their weight and with their heart, not to mention diabetes.

    February 26 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

    It is also important for them to take plenty of gentle to moderate exercise, especially later in life, when there is a tendency for them to slow down. Wearing, meditating on or surrounding themselves with the color orange will help them feel warmer and more secure. It might also lift their love life. These people have the wisdom and determination to be great judges or lawyers.