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Having the North Node in Cancer suggests some major new beginnings for you this year. It is less that there are two very different areas of your chart vying for your attention in and more that there are two very different groups, with both asserting themselves in the early weeks of the year. At the centre of each group is a dominant force, with lucky Jupiter at the centre of one group and Saturn at the centre of the other.

I only need to tell you where they are to immediately reveal the challenge this presents, with Jupiter in a playful part of your chart and Saturn in your work sector. This makes a balance between work and play your biggest challenge in Along with a total lunar eclipse in Leo on 21st January, this is the group of energy surrounding Jupiter and this lucky year for love, matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative based on your yearly horoscope. The problem is that you will always start the year with the Sun in your work sector and with a solar eclipse here on 6th January, it appears that you have a battle on your hands.

However, apart from a lot of focus on work and job matters in the early weeks of the year, things will dial back. As first Mars, on 14th February and then Uranus on 6th March leave an adventurous part of your chart, they will both return to your career sector, kicking off major developments that will not only continue for the rest of this year, but for the next seven years. By the time Jupiter returns to your work sector on 3rd December, the scene will be set to make the most powerful professional year in your lifetime. Yet no matter how busy things get this year, you have Jupiter in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart until 3rd December, policing a balance between work and play.

Compared to other years, if a balance between work and play is your biggest challenge, then you get off lightly. On 3rd December Jupiter will return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart, joining forces with both Saturn and Pluto here, for the first and only time in our lifetime. This is something that will dominate , but from the early days of this year, this is something you are already working towards.

The Sun will always spend the first three weeks of every year in this fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart and with Saturn and Pluto already here, this is something you need to take seriously from the get go. Just to get the message across, a solar eclipse here on 6th January should get your attention. Matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative will get a further boost when first Mars returns to an adventurous part of your chart on 14th February and then Uranus on 6th March based on your yearly horoscope. While Mars is only here for six weeks, once Uranus returns the planet of surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected is here until , playing a huge support role this year and especially in This is not only where your luck lies in , but where there is potential for growth.

This is good news if you have or are thinking of starting a family or even a home based business. In the meantime, after his retrograde phase last year, Mars is not slowing down this year, managing to touch as many areas of your chart and your life as possible. After leaving an adventurous part of your chart on 31st March, Mars will return to your career sector, where he will fire things up professionally.

The planets following behind him will help to capitalise on what he begins, between 31st March and 16th May. This means Mars will be in Virgo throughout the whole of your birthday month, firing up your passions and fighting spirit. All in all, there are few challenges this year but a lot to not only get excited about now but to look forward to in the closing weeks of this year and as you line up for Loves me?

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Loves me not? Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion and while this does mean this is a lucky and auspicious year for all aspects of communication, it is much bigger than that.

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This creates a vibrant year, where you will feel smarter, you are able to think on your feet and you will crave mental stimulation. And there is plenty of support across the income, work and career fronts this year to support that. With Uranus in retrograde motion here until 7th January, it was looking like a slow start to the year for relationship matters based on your yearly horoscope. As you also start the year with Mercury, the planet of communication in your communication sector until 5th January and then Venus, the planet of love returning on 8th January, the year starts with a massive coming together of communication and relationship forces.

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While the whole year is an auspicious one for all aspects of communication, it is your relationships that will benefit from this, in the early months of the year. In the meantime, this is a big year for home and family matters, with a solar eclipse on the home front on 6th January hinting at the potential for new beginnings. However, for the most part, home and family matters are likely to quietly tick over, with little if any haste.

This should kick off your most important year for home and family matters in over a decade, but this will be the first, last and only time that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will met up here in our lifetime. The full impact of that will be felt next year, with a stepping stone to , when it comes to home and family matters.

Yet until the last planet leaves Scorpio there is still some unfinished business, which is taking place in the very early days of the year. While you can never move into the New Year with the Sun still in Scorpio, you can sometimes still have Venus here, which is the case this year.

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Until leaving on 8th January, Venus is giving your heart a voice and having spent months with Jupiter, this is the voice you need to trust. With Jupiter gone this is a consolidation year. Having laid down foundations, planted seeds and begun new journeys last year, this is a year for the follow through. In your income sector until 3rd December, Jupiter is also making this a potentially lucrative year, with luck on your side when it comes to earnings, but also gaining in all things that you value based on your yearly horoscope. Yet it is on the income front that there are some real opportunities, in the first two months of the year.

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Late to leave Scorpio, Venus is also late to return to your income sector, finally returning on 8th January. Until Venus leaves on 4th February, the planets of money and luck will work together, creating some of the most potentially lucrative weeks of the year. Mars will leave on 14th February and Uranus on 6th March, but by then your professional year will have gained more than enough momentum to keep the wheels turning across the income, work and career fronts.

While Mars is only here for six weeks, Uranus is here now until Unlike the six months Uranus spent here last year, without Jupiter in Scorpio there is no conflict or challenges. However, a clash between your personal and relationship needs in has left you with a better sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. What you have this year and is a lack of challenges on the relationship front and an abundance of support, especially from the communication gods. This is your year, the year that you have been waiting for, for several years and the year that you have put in the hard work to prepare for.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion and your ruling planet returned to Sagittarius in November and not due to leave until 3rd December, will spend the majority of the year here. On one hand, you could say that this is your luckiest year in over a decade, but it is so much more than that. It was just over a year ago that Saturn left Sagittarius, in December This brought a three year boot camp to a close, with life calling on you to show up, take responsibility and deal with any challenges head on.

It was always a given that you would benefit from those years, at some future date.

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That future date has arrived. You have Venus, the planet of love returning to Sagittarius on 8th January and an adventurous, total lunar eclipse on 21st January. This will unleash a potent cocktail of passionate, adventurous and playful forces, encouraging you to fully embrace this year that you have been waiting for and working towards for years now, from the get go. This is also an important and powerful year on the job and income fronts, with a solar eclipse in your income sector on 6th January a taste of things to come based on your yearly horoscope.

Uranus is here then until , supporting the planets already in your income sector and there to support Jupiter when he returns on 3rd December. This will kick of your most potentially lucrative year in over a decade. In the meantime, is the year that will have you excited from the get go and while life will go on, this year has your name written all over it from the get go. For you, is a crossover year.

A crossover between the past, present and future, that is.

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Saturn returned to Capricorn in December and having spent the whole of here, will also spend the whole of here, not leaving until December It is on 3rd December that Jupiter will return to Capricorn and with Pluto here from to , this will begin your most powerful year in a lifetime. For you, is the year that everything until now has been leading up to and everything from then will lead on from. In you are still preparing, with a chance to first bring your current 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion home. This means there will be time during the year when you need time out to hear yourself think.

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Yet Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, so when you do spend time navel gazing this is likely to have fortunate ramifications, with your imagination and mind inspired. The year begins, as it always does, with the Sun in Capricorn, with your new solar and calendar years always starting at the same time. A solar eclipse on 6th January will give you a chance to commit to this new solar year, the future and the journey ahead. The reason for that solar eclipse is that you have the South Node in Capricorn and therefore the North Node in your relationship sector based on your yearly horoscope.

As well as determining where the eclipses will fall this year, with a total solar eclipse in your relationship sector on 3rd July and a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on 17th July, the lunar nodes will also police a balance between your personal and relationship needs. The North Node promises major new beginnings on the relationship front this year, with the six weeks leading up to a solar eclipse on 3rd July and the four weeks after, especially auspicious.

Fortunately, there is support from the communication gods from the get go and throughout the year. For while this is an important relationship year, there is also a need to remain true to yourself. This is also an important year for home and family matters, especially in the first two months of the year and then to a slightly lesser degree for the next few months. Matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative also get a boost in February and March, one they will retain all year.

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Interested in your daily or weekly horoscope? A triad of support in the early weeks of the year really is a taste of things to come, with forces across the communication, friendship and relationship fronts working in unison. This centres on lucky Jupiter, who is spending the majority of the year in your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking. This makes this an auspicious year for connecting in general, being a team player and connecting with those who will not only play an important part in your life this year, but over the coming years.

It is when Venus teams up with Jupiter from 8th January to 4th February that the laws of attraction and synchronicity will be in effect, with fate working to put you in the right place at the right time. Health and Work. Day to day routine and work, health issues on every level; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. House 7: Ruling Sign: Libra.

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All partnerships including business and romantic ones, and your feelings towards them. Cross-reference with House 5. If house 7 is positive and house 5 is negative, then it might be a creative issue. House 8: Ruling Sign: Scorpio. Death, money, and sex. Look at the suit that shows up here, if it is swords or cups then it is likely to be some emotional issues and beliefs about these issues.

Pentacles and wands show what your situation currently is. Major Arcana cards will show your current destiny to either love or resolve in these areas. House 9: Ruling Sign: Sagittarius. Travel and far horizons. Long distance travel, long-term plans and education, changes in spiritual beliefs and mental attitudes. House Ruling Sign: Capricorn. Work and Career. Ambition, drive and career goals, approach to work and your talents. How you relate to your environment. House Ruling Sign: Aquarius.

Friends and Social groups. House Ruling Sign: Pisces. Secrets and what is hidden. Hidden fears and secret dreams, hopes and wishes including their obstacles to make them a reality. Your vulnerability. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Live. While in pvt I sense your aura and check on your cycles and rhythms in life. Do you want to continue feeling unloved? Distant from that other person?