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Just as Mercury and Venus recently faced the music as they first squared Saturn and then Pluto in Capricorn, now the Sun in Libra will have its reckoning with these archetypal powers. Saturn is the archetype that provides tests to let us know where we stand on our evolutionary path in terms of mastering the skills needed to manage this earth life, but also for taking responsibility for every aspect of our life including our state of mind at any given moment.

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All of it is ours to own. There is no one else to blame. It may not be evident until it is actually experienced, but reaching this point in our personal growth is incredibly empowering. If we heroically pass the Saturnian major life hurdles with integrity, only then can we lean into the alchemic heat of Pluto. This is asking of us no less than being accountable for the carbon-based-unit footprint we personally etch in our collective world soul for eternity.

After being intensified by their square to Pluto, Mercury and Venus segue into the Scorpio, the sign Pluto rules, on October 3 and October 8 respectively.

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Now they answer directly to Pluto, an atomic force that plants psychic depth charges with the power to blow us away into a new paradigm of authentic expression. Mercury here archetypally delves deeply into subjects that require investigation. Once we reach the root motivations, we may see ways to re-write our own narrative to eliminate dysfunction and wasted energy.

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Venus in Scorpio focuses this intense scrutiny on what our life at this moment tells the world we value. By extension we may dig deeper into our relationships and ask our selves the hard questions.

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Do they support our authentic self? Do they align with our purpose? Venus in Scorpio desires a deep soul intimacy that has nothing to do with sex, although that can certainly be one way to express it. Total relatedness is simply being totally present with another.

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As Mercury and Venus do the deep dive into the dark waters of Scorpio, they form an opposition to Uranus in Taurus October 6 to Venus also rules Taurus so the focus on values and balanced interactions with others is further enhanced. Considering the personal planets involved, the message is we cannot do this alone. We are not only being called to go deep within in order to heal but to consciously do so by expressing with simple, unvarnished honesty what we are experiencing.

Their personality is slightly off-center but enchanting. They favor unusual careers and often end up working for themselves. They aren't interested in money, though they have potential to become rich through their talents. They have a reputation for spending money casually. People born on this date are secretive about goals because they have a problem with intimacy and don't like to answer to others, especially to explain failure.

If they change their minds, they don't want to explain.

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      You should embrace: Emotional stability, a hopeful heart , high ideals. October 29 Birthday Astrology. Friends and Lovers People born on this day have a small group of friends.